We didn't know what to write about ourselves,so we asked our friend Bader to say something About Us :

I knew Khaled for the last five years, and really he is an indefinable person. He has so many aspects to his personality that make him one in a million. I like his sense of humor,his sturdy mind and as every one else his good looks. To know a character such as Khaled’s is a grand addition to one's own. Khaled has a superb mental and physical status.One of the pioneers in the athletic movements in our class,being one of the finest sportsmen in basketball and football. As you may have presumed he is also quite brilliant in the technological aspects. To be frank sometimes you just can't find a term to describe his action.Some call it stupid,others odd but me,I prefer the term : magnificent.

I knew Ammar since the first grade but I was really acquainted to the real him three years ago. Being the mastermind behind this site you can presume unmistakably that he is one hell of a mind , he flashes intelligent and has floods of wits. he is a very social personality,liked by both sexes but detested by teachers to an unknown reason. Ammar is moderate in sports when compared to Khaled,but he deservedly made his place in the league winning class team of basketball by a special method in playing. Ammar has a wide range of interests which may form another site so I would settle for the mentioned above.

ammar & Khaled:
Are two of my best friends who form a dueto in most of life aspects.They have a secret bond that joins them .Where ever they are one can expect a different kind of chemistry flowing in the air. I can talk for hours about Khaled and Ammar and till be unjust. So I think that this little hint can form an idea in the readers' mind.

By:Bader M.T. Khrais (The Rex)

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